Friday, 10 September 2010

The Rabbit Problem

Author: Emily Gravett
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
RRP: £12.99 (Hardcover)

  Follow the journey of two rabbits throughout the course of a year as they do what rabbits do best...increase the population to almost breaking point.  The pair live in Fibonacci's field and each month their numbers multiply following the famous sequence and leave the with a range of seasonal dilemmas- from running out of food, to over-crowding witness how these clever bunnies deal with their daily battles.   

  The book is beautifully presented with astonishingly detailed illustrations and quirky little trinkets to explore on each page, including recipes, birth certificates and more!  Witticisms are hidden on every page and it had me chuckling more and more with every page turn. The dilemmas faced by the rabbits get more extreme until the final page which reveals a fabulous pop-up which had me in hysterics.  What is fantastic about this book is although the plot is simple it is not constructed in the "Once Upon A Time..." way, instead you explore the story from the evidence on the page, details in the calendar and from the actions of the rabbits in the drawings.  It is completely interactive and the reader is completely drawn into it.  I think this method of storytelling will really appeal to children as it enables them to get carried away and is more of a novelty than other 'normal' books.

  I bought the hardback version for a friend who is obsessed with bunnies and although I haven't seen the paperback version in real life the front cover at least is not as grabbing.  I'm also not sure how the pop up would work with paperback, or if it is in fact included, I can't see how it would withstand the obvious attraction and use it would receive.  I love the fact that this story is based on a mathematical sequence, how often does that happen?  A great tool for the classroom but also an enchanting book for children and adults of all ages.  I know my friend went all gooey when she saw it!

Rating: 9/10